Date Event Location
22 January Talk on Mobilities of Grassroot Pan-Africanism by Professor Kojo Opoku Aidoo Ambedkar University, Delhi
16-18 February 2nd International Conference on Burma/Myanmar Studies Mandalay University, Myanmar
April Feminist Interventions, HaB Methodology Workshop Cotton University, Assam, India
April / May Experimental School Kokrobitey Institute, Accra, Ghana
23-25 May The Academy Of Failure Institute of Provocation, Beijing, China
5-8 July Asia in Motion: Geographies and Genealogies AAS-in-Asia, New Delhi, India
July / August Methodologies Workshop Mandalay and Yangon University, Myanmar
13-15 August Borderland Spaces: Ruins, Revival(s) and Resources Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
September Indigo across Borders, HaB Methodology Workshop Taipei, Taiwan
20-22 September Asia-Africa: A New Axis of Knowledge Dar-e-Salam, Tanzania
18-20 October Amsterdam Centre for Globalisation Studies, Conference on Critical Pedagogies Amsterdam, the Netherlands